Consulting Services

Rescue Services

Technical rescue (water, confined space, high angle) are part of our multi-disciplinary approach to standby services.  Our crews are certified and experienced; we carefully select only the best and most experienced for our emergency response teams, most with 10-20 years of fire service experience.

Our paramedics are experienced cross-trained fire fighters with years of active service.  Registered and up to date with Alberta Health Services protocols.  Our medical director, an emergency physician, provides additional experice to our advanced team.

Medical Services

Confined Space Rescue . High Angle Rescue. Site Paramedic. Water Rescue. Consulting. Fall- Protection Rescue

Our experienced team has certification, education and experience that provide a well balanced approach to the delivery of consulting services.  We enjoy working with a variety of clients in a number of different industries.

Contact:  780-718-5424